Sunday, 4 December 2011


When I moved into my condo, all the walls were very light grey. While it was inoffensive and continuous, left a little something to be desired in my books. I am not afraid of colour and wanted to inject a little more joy into my new abode. 

Second issue with my bathroom: I am a girl, therefore, I have stuff. Bathroom stuff - facewash, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair items, mosturizer, deodorant, perfume, makeup, and a myriad of those other items associated with the fairer sex and their toilette. The issue was lack of storage space. There was room underneath the sink for a fair amount, but that was it. I like to keep the sink and vanity area as visually clean as possible, and yet still wanted these daily necessary items within easy access. 

I drew some inspiration from the following: 

The dark wood was quite similar to the cabinets in my place, and the size and proportion of the sink and the vanity. The cabinet over the toilet offered more storage and within easy access. Being quite tall, I also liked not having to bend down for those everyday items. 

In deciding what colour to paint my bathroom, I pondered the crisp green in the magazine above. I was just worried that it might overwhelm my small space. After staring at the paint chip wall for quite some time, I didn't find what I was looking for in that vein. 

Instead, I went with more of a Tiffany box colour. It is somewhere between the pastel and crisp colour I wanted and doesn't shock the small space. It also seems to work with the colours of the wood, granite, tile, and porcelain in the bathroom - quite content with my choice. 

This colour is called Spirited Green, by Behr paint and primer in one. 

After paint, next step was the increased storage. What I was looking for:
  • A medicine cabinet (I prefer something mounted to the over-the-toilet stand contraptions.)
  • Not mirrored (I thought this might look weird with the other mirror with sandblasted edges beside it. 
  • Something that could be painted or stained to go with my bathroom
  • Reasonably modern lines
  • and, of course, trying to get all of the above as cheaply as possible

Spent some time browsing Kijiji, and managed to find something that met my criteria. Turns out it was originally from Ikea. Unlike the link, the version they were selling was a lighter wood, more rustic looking. I was not willing to spend $80 on the new one from Ikea, especially when I could get one off Kijiji for $10. 

The oak colour that this medicine cabinet was currently would certainly not do. So one small can of dark stain from Home Depot, some sanding and about 4 coats later - I had a lovely new medicine cabinet that matched my cupboards and stored all my girly items clean and out of view. 

Stain in ebony. Only needed a little can, probably about $5. This may even make a reappearance in some future blog posts (ooohh.... foreshadowing!)

Here is a picture of my bathroom with paint and my new medicine cabinet: 

The silver letter "a" you can see in the mirror was a gift from my mom. Had she not given this to me, I probably would have made something similar. Take one wooden letter, they sell these at Michael's or I have even seen them at Walmart. Apply silver paint or silver leaf (if you are looking for a challenge), and there you have it - a clean, modern, personalized touch to your space. 

  • Medicine Cabinet: $10 on Kijiji
  • Stain: $5 from Home Depot
  • Paint: $15 from Home Depot
  • Silver 'a': free, gift from my mom

Total Bathroom Cost: $30

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